Top Trends of 2019

Gen Z Edition

By Una Wells, Reporter

In 2020 we have had plenty of news and social media trends so far and it’s only February. Topics such as the Coronavirus and the death of Kobe Bryant as well as plenty of TikTok trends and plenty of internet “beef” already. But in the midst of all of this, we can always reminisce about the top trends that were introduced in 2019. 



TikTok is easily one of the most famous social media apps of our time. Having over 33 million downloads in November and more by now, the platform has taken the world by storm.  Most of the trends that have taken over our lives, have come from the app. One of them being the “Renegade” dance. Some of the more popular trends are

 point of view (POV’s) videos, dancing videos, very 

dry comedy, skating,  cosplay, video series, etc. You can literally find anything on this platform which is why people love it so much claiming its “addictive” and they will spend hours at a time on it. 

VSCO Girls

VSCO Girls are also a trend that surfaced on TikTok right before the school year. It started as just a joke about the metal straws and “Saving the turtles”and eventually turned into an entire personality. They typically are known for having a Hydroflask, metal straws, scrunchies, etc.

Nike Air Force 1’s

  Nike Air Force 1’s are shoes that have taken over. Almost everyone is wearing them, most people are wearing the color white, but some people are even wearing the black Air Force’s. The shoes typically run for about $90 in most stores. If you wear Air Forces, you have to be careful to not crease them or get them too dirty because people will call you out; that’s a big part of the trend.

Dangly Jewelry

Jewelry has become very popular recently; anything from big rings to long and extravagant chains, even to earrings that are very long. Wearing an excessive amount of chains around your neck is a big part of people’s style (or having them hanging from your pants). People will wear big rings and very detailed rings along with forms of bracelets to match and earrings that dangle (but of course only on one ear).

Hair trends

Split hair dye has become very popular, especially on TikTok. A lot of people will part their hair down the middle and dye one color on one side and another on the other. Either that,  or they will take the front strands of their hair and dye them a fun color on both sides (typically the same but can be different). Middle parts in peoples hair have also become so common recently, this trend was originally adopted by creators on TikTok labeled as “e-boys” or “e-girls”. Then everyone started doing it and a lot of people wanted one as well. A lot of people also wanted curly hair so they would get perms.