Should Transgender People Be Able to Use the Bathroom of Their Choice?

Should Transgender People Be Able to Use the Bathroom of Their Choice?

By Dominic Franks

Many people in this world are suffering from being judged and bullied because they are transgender. Due to this, these people can’t feel comfortable using the bathroom they would like to use. So let me ask you the question: do you think transgender people should be able to use the bathrooms of their choice?

In North Carolina, a bill was passed that people must go in restrooms and locker rooms of their born gender. Republicans easily agreed with this, while Democrats walked out in protest. I could only imagine how many people were upset about this.

As a transgender male, I deal with many problems like this. I’m not allowed to use men’s restrooms at school and I get too scared in public to use them. Even though I identify as a male, I’m not allowed to use them.

This is a big problem for many people. Trangender people get bullied every
day due to this. An example would be when people bully me online or yell out rude things to me in the hallway. It’s a serious problem that needs to be fixed. It’s also very difficult using the restroom you would like because so many people would be judging you.

A article on KET did a study on transgender people in Kentucky and this is what it says, “Gender dysphoria is a difficult situation for a teenager to manage; nearly half of all transgender teens around the country report having suicidal thoughts. Some schools are taking steps to address the issue, such as Atherton High School in Louisville, which became Kentucky’s first to adopt an official policy for transgender students.”

A solution to this issue could be having gender neutral restrooms so everyone could feel comfortable. Or, we could try and pass a law for everyone to use the restroom they want if they identify as that gender.

Greenwood freshman Jayden Belote, Anaya Ramirez, and Dalton Snack believes transgender students deserve respect and acceptance, Althought, Hayden Miller, a sophomore here at Greenwood tends to disagree. He supports all members of the LGBT+ communtity, but believes transgender people should go into the bathroom of their reproductive sytem.

“Whether you think it’s right or not, I think Transgender people should be able to use the bathroom that they feel more comfortable using. It doesn’t matter if it’s the gender they want to be, or used to be, they need to be able to use that restroom. It’s awful how much disrespect they get for wanting to be who they are, especially for using a restroom… If it’s such a big deal to not let them use the bathroom, then we should just get gender-neutral restrooms. At this point, it’s not a physical issue, it’s a disrespectful issue, and it should stop soon because it’s hurting too many teens and young adults.” – Jayden Belote

“Yes, I think that transgender people should be able to use any bathroom they feel like using. In today’s age people really need to stop judging others for the way they want to be. It’s horrible to hear that many people want to end their life because of their family and others not accepting who they are.” – Anaya Ramirez

“I honestly don’t know. You should be able to make yourself feel comfortable, but not everyone sees it that way” – Dalton Snack

“No, I think they should go into the one the correlates to their reproductive system. Each bathroom is designed to suit one type of organ, while one is different.” – Hayden Miller