Can the United States Contain the Coronavirus?

By Trevor Shimizu, Reporter

The situation with COVID-19 has grown immensely. It’s on a pandemic scale, weighing in at the highest phase. The countries that the virus has affected tremendously are South Korea, Italy, and Iran. As you would assume it has already made it into the United States.

Luckily, CDC officials have already taken action to combat this monstrosity of a disease. They have used Remdesivir, a medicine used to combat Ebola. So far no new medicines, or others have been approved for public use.

The CDC recommends to stock up on basic needs, such as two weeks worth of water, food, and basic medicines. Also, the CDC has said those who are well shouldn’t be the ones wearing masks, as only medical workers who are in contact should wear the N95 Respirator Masks.

Others who are infected, should wear a masks to cover their coughs, and sneezes. And they should wash their hands more frequently than they normally do. Along with isolating themselves from others to avoid getting them sick. Avoiding public places such as a supermarket, library, and any public event is the smartest thing to do.

Recently in California, a lady was diagnosed with the deadly virus. Officials say how she was infected is unknown. This means the virus could already in the community. So be prepared to deal with the contagious virus as it can be spread by breathing  as well.

Also, some people lack the knowledge of what masks to wear. Some people are seen wearing masks that suppress the spread of the droplets caused by sneezing and coughing. The proper masks that should be worn are called N95 Respirator. They block 95% of particles. But due to the high demand the masks’ prices have skyrocketed. Stores have been cleared out of necessities, such as drinking water, canned goods, and toilet paper.

Hand sanitizer prices have gone up tremendously making the ability to sanitize hands a mere obstacle and not affordable to the average working class. Experts believe the virus could spread in the U.S. like it has in Italy and China. Scientists are working on a vaccine, but if citizens can close schools, stay indoors, quarantine themselves, and practice social distancing, public health officials hope it will limit the spread.