Where Are You Doing for Spring Break?

By Madison Moseley, reporter

     Do you have plans for this year’s Warren County School spring break, April 6th through the 10th?  Would you rather go on a roller coaster that goes upside down 5 times or would you rather lay out on the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast and get golden tan?  All sorts of people prefer different locations for their “perfect” vacation destination…”What do you prefer?”  


      I have asked random students and faculty members at Greenwood High School about their preferences of what to do for spring break. I have taken the responses I received and organized them into the following chart. I gave the students and faculty 4 vacation options to pick from including: the beach, amusement park, stay at home or visit a big city. The following are the results I received from the faculty and students:


Vacation Options Faculty Students
Beach 5 30
Amusement Park                                 0                                      4
Stay Home  4 10
Big City 3 6


     Based on the results, it is evident that the faculty have no interest in going to an amusement park for spring break. It appears they seem to have more interest in going to the beach or staying at home.  The student responses are overwhelmingly in favor of going to the beach and staying home being a distant second. Even though I agree with the numbers and prefer the beach, I find it interesting that neither group are significantly interested in visiting a big city or an amusement park.