Nevada’s Intense Democratic Presidential Debate


By Samuel Larson, Reporter

On Wednesday, February 19, the Democratic Presidential candidates took part in a debate in Nevada in advance of the state’s primary caucuses on Saturday. Here is a look at some of the winners and losers from the debate.


Bernie Sanders made it out of the debate unscathed and is leading in Nevada. However, Sanders had to defend himself against subjects such as his refusal to provide more medical disclosure. He was also forced to respond to being criticized by the Culinary Workers Union for wanting to replace their private health insurance with Medicare for all. However, there was nothing in the debate that was said to change Sanders’ momentum.

Elizabeth Warren was said to have come out swinging in the first few minutes of the debate targeting the newcomer to the race, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Warren attacked Bloomberg throughout the entire two hours of the debate on many subjects including his stop and frisk policy for NYC. Warren, however, spent almost no time attacking the front-runner Bernie Sanders. The only candidate who was said to have really attacked Sanders was Pete Buttigieg.


Mike Bloomberg, the former New York City Mayor, struggled throughout the debate to make a positive case for his candidacy. Bloomberg was viciously attacked by Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden, who criticized him for calling the Affordable Care Act ‘’a disgrace.’’ Sanders also attacked Bloomberg for donating to Republican Campaigns. Amy Klobucher said Bloomberg was ‘’hiding behind his campaign ads.’’ Bloomberg was overall the most attacked candidate.

Amy Klobucher spent most of the debate defending herself. At one point she was asked why she couldn’t remember the president of Mexico’s name in a recent interview. She also defended her record as the top prosecutor in Minnesota’s Hennepin County, overseeing the prosecution of a 16-year-old African-American who was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prision. But new evidence has shown that the now 33-year-old may be innocent.

Joe Biden did hardly anything, remaining a bystander for most of the debate. There was nothing said to suggest that there is still a chance he will rescue his struggling campaign.