GHS Track and Field Prepares for the 2020 Season

By Samuel Larson, Reporter

The Greenwood High School and Drakes Creek Middle School Track and Field team is hard at work getting ready for the upcoming season. Track and Field started January 6, 2020, and ends when school ends.

Practice days are different for different grades. High schoolers are expected to attend practice every day, Monday through Friday. Middle school students are expected to attend practice Monday Through Thursday. Mondays and Wednesdays are the most required days because they are the hardest workouts.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, distance runners are expected to run 800 meters, two laps around the track, 400 meters, one lap around the track, and 200 meters, a half lap around the track multiple times. Short distance runners only do single laps and half laps around the track. These runs are expected to be done very fast, the shorter ones at a sprint.

On the other three days, runners are expected to do easy workouts, shorter distance doing short and fast runs, and longer distance doing longer runs. Distances are different for how far you are running. In track there are many different events and levels, including jumping, throwing, short distance sprinting, mid distance, long distance and throwing. In throwing you throw a weighted ball as far as you can.

Although athletes are expected to attend practice every day, you are allowed to miss if you can let your coach know why you can’t be there. You are not supposed to miss more than two days per week especially if you are competing. Mondays and Wednesdays however should not be missed. If you miss more than two days in a row without letting anyone know where you are at, you will be kicked off the team.

Expectations: Athletes are expected to give their best effort at practice. Athletes are expected to pass grade checks. Parents and guardians are expected to volunteer at meets and fundraisers.

Coaching staff: Coach Dave Garrett is the head coach for the Greenwood and Drakes Creek Track and Field team. This season is his 35th year coaching and his 10th year coaching for Greenwood/Drakes Creek.

Assistant coach Greg Blakeman has been coaching for 6 years. He is retired from the U.S. Navy and teaches Navy JROTC at Greenwood.

Assistant coach Cameron Levis coaches throwing events. The 2020 season is his second year coaching the Gators.

Assistant Coach Hannah Robertson coaches middle distance. The 2020 season will also be her second year coaching track.

Coach Stacy Garrett is the director of track and field activities at Greenwood and Drakes Creek. The 2020 season is her 5th year coaching for GHS/DCMS and her 6th year coaching track.

Coach Modesty Lorick joined the coaching staff for this season. She coaches hurdles, sprints and jumps.

Coach Logan Knutson joined the coaching staff this season and is coaching Long distance runners.