Is Doomsday Upon Us?


By Mac Bettersworth, Reporter

An asteroid named 2002 PZ39 is racing through space at 35,300 miles per hour, and has the potential to kill millions upon impact. It is said to be large enough to cause global panic and destruction. It could trigger earthquakes, tsunamis, firestorms, a nuclear winter, and other second hand effects that expand farther than the impact area.


 NASA claims that it is potentially hazardous. It’s close approach to earth is nothing to worry about, however. It will miss the Earth by more than three million miles. 


Since 2002, PZ39 has had an orbit that crosses the earth’s path, and there is a small chance of collision every time their paths intersect. Though the chance is small, it’s never zero.


If an asteroid were to hit the earth, there is a 70 percent chance that it would hit water, and even if it were to hit land, there’s only a 10 percent chance of it hitting populated land. 

Astronomers say that this asteroid isn’t set to get closer to earth than the moon until at least 2200.