What was the Snow Moon?


The Snow Moon appears every February when the Earth and moon are closest in orbit.

By Jayden Belote, Reporter

On Saturday, February 8, the first ‘’Snow Moon” of the year took place. People across the world went outside or looked out of a window to get a glimpse of the so called “snow moon,” so what exactly is it? 

Snow Moons are simply February full moons, meaning that the moon is full and at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit, which makes it look bigger. 

It’s known as the snow moon, but the name isn’t very relevant, because the moon has nothing to do with snow. It’s known as the “hunger moon” to the Native Americans. They called it this because of the struggle to harvest crops at this time of year. 

The snow moon only happens two to four times per year. It’s the second (and brightest) of the three supermoons. The moon was fascinating to see, and it lit up the sky.