The Iowa Caucus App Issues

By Emma Bessinger, Reporter

The Iowa caucus of 2020 was nothing other than a complete disaster. The new, untested app named Shadow Inc, had less than two months of development under its belt before being used. The short testing and sped up development left cracks in the programming and led to numerous problems for voters and the Democratic Party. The Iowa Caucus is one of the most important events for potential candidates, as it is the first time that the people’s opinions are shown in polls. Giving insight into who the nominee for 2020 will be. This makes what happened even more devastating, as we do not truly know. The results say Buttugeg, but can they be trusted?

Not only were voters unaccustomed to the new system, but the volunteers were as well. Reports of the app being unavailable, and/or not working were on an influx. This made submitting results and counting votes extremely complicated, so much so that the Democratic Party had to count the votes by hand and volunteers had to answer the backed-up phone lines from people unable to cast votes.

The many problems that occurred in the Iowa caucus have made Americans skeptical of the results, many conspiracies of under the table payments to Shadow Inc, and setups by the Democratic Party have emerged as an effect. These cannot be proven or disproved at the moment, but many states are backing away from Shadow Inc, out of fear of their results being manipulated.