Greenwood’s Opportunistic German American Partnership Program

By Lauren Zanovich, Reporter

Among the two foreign language classes Greenwood offers, German presents students with the opportunity to involve themselves in a German-American student exchange program. The program grants both American and German students the experience of traveling outside of their country and even improving language skills. 

Starting 11 years ago, Warren County provided the German-American Partnership Program for students. The program consists of being partnered with a compatible family in Germany to visit during the month of June. A German student on the other end similarly travels outside of their country and into Kentucky. Every year, you can apply and gather further information about GAPP from none other than our German teacher, Mrs.Whitescarver.

Kentucky Derby horse race

German students entering the United States are able to view Kentucky and see what the state has to offer. Ms. Whitescarver explains one of the activities German exchange students do are visit the high school. It gives the students the chance to accurately observe how American schools function on a daily basis. 

It’s assumed often that American high schools are imagined to be how movies portray them, Whitescarver mentions. Aside from seeing schools, German students also see the caves and learn about the events that take place in the state such as the Kentucky Derby.

As for the American students in Germany, they too are able to try out activities that the U.S. doesn’t offer. In the program they can visit museums, see buildings of sorts, likely eat different foods and more. It allows a new culture to be embraced by students.The Bode Museum in Berlin, Germany Most notably, they get to experience traveling outside of the country.  Students trying to better their German speaking skills have had significant improvement participating in the GAPP.

Students mastering German don’t feel entirely confident in their language skills. This is understandable as Whitescarver expresses that nobody would be trying out an unfamiliar subject. Although, this introduces why GAP not only earns you an experience, but the chance to strengthen German speaking skills.

 “GAPP is the best route to practice German and it’s inexpensive,” Mrs. Whitescarver says.

The German-American Partnership Program has not always been heard of nor around. Whitescarver informs that it had been nonexistent since 1976. As the language was more modernized in education, government support has been gained for GAPP as well as the club associated. In addition to the German classes and exchange student program, international job opportunities can become possible for students. 


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