Fast Food Chain Krystal Filing for Bankruptcy

By Trevor Shimizu, Reporter

The  Fast food company Krystal, that had started in 1932 has recently filed for bankruptcy. There’s one located down Scottsville road in front of Southern Lanes Bowling Alley. They have gained a debt somewhere between $50-$100 million dollars.

The headquarters is located in Dunwoody, Georgia. A few reasons why they are going down this path, are not being able to pay low-wage workers, price of the supplying food, and consumers not being interested in greasy foods. Some people believe that Krystal should become a relic of the past, as few tweet out. Whilst others are saying they are going to miss it.

This customer below says he’ll miss it.

The tweet from the constant customer out that they are going to miss their “perfect” late night burger-grenades. Krystal’s Motto is “the craveable indulgence that’s there for you and your crew with consistent, affordable, and downright delicious meals served hot and fresh, day and night.”

Near the end of 2019, 44 restaurants, they currently have 300 open  had closed down signaling something was up, it certainly was. But Krystal had said that “we give team members the opportunity to relocate to the Krystal of their choice.” People that are constant customers are unhappy, as they have to go to a completely different area to get their beloved menu item.