Cure for Cancer Found by Accident

By Anaya Ramirez, Reporter

British scientists came across a new immune cell to cure cancer by accident.

Researchers at Cardiff University were analyzing blood samples looking for immune cells that could fight bacteria. But they came across an entirely new cell. 

The new immune cell carries a T-cell receptor which is a molecule in a cell membrane which responds to hormones or other substances. This receptor acts like a grappling hook and it latches to cancer cells. 

This new cell is called the T-cell. This T-cell is a white blood cell that attaches itself to the MR1 molecule which in fact does not vary in humans. The cell kills the cancerous cells but completely ignores all the healthy cells. Nobody thought this was possible. 

They have recently tested it on mice and they have gotten back encouraging results. The T-cell has killed lung, skin, blood, colon, breast, bone, prostate, ovarian, kidney, and cervical cancer.

 It has great potential but they also say its at a too early stage to say it works on all cancers. They are also expecting human trials on terminally ill cancer patients as early as November 2020, once it passes laboratory safety testing.

Awen Gallimore a professor from Cardiff University talked to the Daily Wire and said,  “This is truly exciting and potentially a great step forward for the accessibility of cancer immunotherapy.”