“Ghost Out”

“Ghost Out” also can be known as an impaired driving program. Impaired driving is. when someone can be on drugs, alcohol, or just some sort of messed up.

This can also be known as SADD Club because it teaches you what happens if you were a drunk driver and the dangers that it has in real life for you and everyone around you. Drunk driving or driving on medication are serious things that nobody should play around with because nothing is more important than safety and you’re putting so many lives in front of you, if you choose to do it.

The “Grim Reaper” represents that someone’s life can be taken and that it will always be there to haunt you if anything happens due to drunk driving or alcohol.

Here at Greenwood High School every 2 years when the sophomores are seniors and the freshman are juniors, we have a learning program to show and express how it feels to lose a love one due to drunk driving. This will test you mentally because you would never imagine anything like this bad to happen and all of a sudden.

Everyone has a story to tell about drunk driving because people choose that decision to put people in danger and themselves because they are currently not in the right mind and don’t care, remember, or process anything that goes on and it can be really hard to be the person on the other end of this situation because you would say it’s really bad and the drunk driver would say its fine, when its never right to drunk drive and than later on they will realize that, and face all of the consequences.