Basketball Homecoming Court Announced

Nominees Excited and Nervous About Big Night

By Una Wells, Reporter

As our candidates are preparing for the Homecoming ceremony next Friday, January 31, a few candidates explained how they are preparing and feeling about the big night.

Sophomore class representative Tia Tinsley said, “It feels great to be nominated; I don’t really know why I got nominated but I’m glad I was.” Tia said she didn’t have a preference about her escort: “It doesn’t matter to me because I’m friends with all of them.” Tia also added that she, as well as buying her dress, is taking some time to mentally prepare herself for the walk on the court as she previously did last year, saying it’s “nerve racking.”

One of the freshman class representatives, Katie Isaac, also felt honored by her nomination.“It’s definitely an honor to be nominated and I highly appreciate everyone who voted for me.” She says with Homecoming being only a week away, she’s just getting herself in “good spirits” and and getting ready to walk on the court next Friday.

Senior Nathan Ray tells how, although he is still happy for his spot on the ballot, that it was very odd initially, “I’m not necessarily the stereotypical popular high schooler. I didn’t expect to make it at all if I’m completely honest.” He is concerned there is a stigma around Homecoming being a huge popularity contest and wanted to see a lot of those stereotypes broken. Nathan also says, “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially for someone who’s always been kind of different.” Nathan’s planning on his escort being Bailey Lambert, his girlfriend, who also made it on the ballot.

While all of our candidates are preparing for Homecoming, you could be too! Next week is spirit week and we hope to see everyone dressed up and showing your school spirit!