FCCLA Calendars For Sale

By Lee Merideth, Reporter

What is FCCLA? It stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. They have done several good things for Greenwood and the community, including dances and a calendar contest. The Calendar Girl calendars are being sold for $12 in Mrs. Blankenship and Mrs. Steele’s room to benefit the whole FACS department and FCCLA Club. 

Mrs. Blankenship said that when the contest started there were around 30 contestants and 13 won the contest. The overall winner for the contest was sophomore Caroline Key. 

The FCCLA sponsors the Teen Angel program and they help donate to the Sepsis Alliance program and compete in state events. For more information, contact erin.steele@warren.kyschools.us or taylor.blankenship@warren.kyschools.us.