The Cruelty of Stereotypes

By Lauren Zanovich, Reporter

From a community to an average high school, stereotypes are an unavoidable issue. Stereotyping can enhance false beliefs of a particular group and obscure what a group is meant to represent.

Greenwood High School has cultural diversity among the many students that attend and we should continue to recognize the variety and proceed with common respect for another. I mention the diversity because that seems to balance how we group ourselves and blend equally.

I truly think avoiding stereotyping is not a hard task and only takes thought before words. Stressing the truth of stereotyping won’t rid of the fact we’re in an imperfect world but our high school has shown being capable of acceptance on a smaller scale. 

Teens Undergoing Mental Illness

Stereotyping generally does not have good outcomes to those affected. Mental health issues are more prone to happen with frequent stereotyping as it can take a toll on the confidence of someone or group. Outcasting, shaming, targeting, and remarks are common actions  done towards people with a so-called stereotype. With these listed, we’d know they’re wrong. However, I personally believe we aren’t conscious of the disrespect done while actively stereotyping.

Mental illnesses have been more common than ever in teens which has been mainly tied to social media. Stereotyping can most definitely take place online and it’s no different to how wrongful it is to do in reality. Of course on the internet people don’t follow up as much thought to the insults they are able get away with, which explains why social media is a leading cause of mental illnesses in general.

Coexisting can never be easier, so let’s prevent making that difficult for those feeling alienated for their way of culture, style, fashion and so on. Everyone should not feel obligated to be friendly, but simply convey respect as goes. 

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