Big Time Pollution Are Destroying The Seas

What Pollution does to the world and who, how, and what they effect:

  • Destroys the survival to mankind
  • Causes Disease’s
  • Cause Premature Deaths
  • Can cause global warming

According to a report by Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health it states “blames pollution for an estimated 9 million premature deaths.” Which is about 15 time more than all the wars and other forms of violence. Pollution endangers the stability of the Earth’s stability and threatens how the human society will thrive and survive but we don’t know how long it still will be like this.

Where The Most Deaths Come From: 

Pollution disproportionately kill the poor or vulnerable, because they can’t fight it off and poor countries and they can survive in those conditions because everything is already so bad and they can’t really help and fix it, so everyone there will get a effect/reaction to it around them.

Highest Death Toll:

  • India 2.5 milion (24.5%)
  • China 1.8 million (19.5%)
  • Pakistan 300 Thousand (21.9%)

These are the top three and there are more countries that have deaths but the death tolls are not as high as these ones are because they don’t know how to fight them of and in general these are all just poor countries and they think its okay but it the worst in all three of these countries. Water pollution is often contaminated by sewage, linked to diseases, infections, tobacco smoke, coal related diseases, and cancer can all be linked to water. Air Pollution is the biggest killer, leading to heart attacks, disease, stroke, lung cancer, and other illness. Also vehicles, industries, are also blamed for 4.5 million deaths annually while factories are believed for 2.9 million deaths.






How To Change For The Poor Conditions: 

High and medium-income countries have produced laws and regulations mandating clean air and water and also establish chemical safety policies and curbed the most flagrant forms of pollution. As of now the water and air are cleaner in some of these countries which has decreased the blood lead in children by 90%, rivers no longer catch fire, worst hazardous waste sites have been remediated, many of their cities are less polluted and more livable.

How The Poor Countries Fix It: 

Economic growth and pollution isn’t an option for the poor countries because pollution stifles economic growth and that poor countries must pass through a phase of pollution and disease on the road to prosperity which isn’t true. To tackle the pollution problem, the offer six recommendations, including making pollution prevention a high priority nationally and internationally, and integrating it into country and a city planning process. Last but certainly not least, increase and focus on the funding and the international technical support to establish more control of pollution.






This from 2018 and just imagine what it is like right now! Right now it seems like Germany is the worst and this all needs to change and we need to fix the world, since we are all in a new decade. This also shows that some of the other countries that weren’t doing so good at the beginning is starting to change and fix up their environment.