Why Everyone Was Upset About The Golden Globes

By Jayden Belote, Reporter

On January 5, tears were shed and smiles were shown at the 77th Golden Globes award ceremony in Los Angeles. Actors of all types and ages gathered to walk the red carpet and celebrate the award ceremonies. 

The nomination categories were for best actress in a tv series (drama), best supporting actor in a motion picture, best supporting actress in a motion picture, best actor in a motion picture, musical, or comedy, best animated motion picture, best director (motion picture), best actor in a motion picture (drama), best actress in a motion picture (drama), best tv series (drama), best actress in a motion picture (drama), best motion picture, musical, or comedy, and best motion picture (comedy). 

It’s safe to say that everyone was shocked at the actors outfits for the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez, Joey King, and Gwyneth Paltrow wowed us all with their out of the ordinary dresses. Meanwhile, there was no surprise that Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Kate McKinnon were all wearing black.

When everyone anxiously gathered to watch the awards, Ricky Gervais prepared for his “speech,” and Hollywood was anything but happy about it. Gervais offended many celebrities with his words, but it definitely made everyone laugh. 

Charlize Theron’s speech about Ellen DeGeneres brought everyone to tears, because everyone loves Ellen and knows her as their favorite lesbian comedian, and Theron made it evident that she definetley deserved the Carol Burnett award. 

When people began giving awards, we were still all shaken up about the possibility of a Pitt and Aniston reunion that night, since Brad had told Ryan Seacrest that he wouldn’t mind running into her and take a photo with her. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo that night, but we got one Sunday at the SAG awards! 

I asked around, and I discovered that most people didn’t watch the awards, and couldn’t care less about the Golden Globes…but, here’s what the people that watched it said: 

“The awards low-key [stunk]. Jen should’ve won… she deserved that award” – Maya Wallace 

“I think the Golden Globes were okay this year because they had a lot of good wins, but there were also a lot of people expected to win but they didn’t.” – Dominique Franks

“It’s rigged. I’m going back to sleep.” – Molly Oliver

“The Golden Globes are a very fake award show.” – Halle Hamilton

As you can see, people aren’t very happy about their favorite celebrities not winning, and their predictions ending up not being right. I was definitely upset about Aniston and Christina Applegate not winning in their categories, but I was happy that Pitt and Ellen won.