Sneakerheads Invade Greenwood

By Lee Merideth, Reporter

What makes a sneakerhead? Not just a person who wears sneakers, but someone who collects and loves sneakers with a passion 

There are a few sneakerheads at Greenwood; they have pairs ranging from Yeezys to the newest retros that are coming out. There are some rare sneakers like the Yeezys because they have this material called Boost. It is a material made from recycled plastic bottles, and it feels like you’re walking on clouds; it truly feels comfy. The Yeezy Beluga released on September 24, 2016, was the first Yeezy available. Rare sneakers like the Beluga can be expensive; the most recent sale listed on was for $502.   

One thing about Jordan they first started when the company Jordan brand did a collaboration with the brand Nike which started the whole Jordan company. One thing about the whole name sneakerheads is Jordan they started off when Michael Jordan first started playing basketball before Jordan was Nike and Adidas then the Jordans begin to get more and more. The most expensive Jordan ever was the Jordan 12 Flu Game and retail for them is around $104,000 because everybody wanted this sneaker for along time. 

Since sneakerheads spend a lot of money on their shoes, they want to keep them clean. The most popular cleaners are Crep Protect or Shoe MGK cleaner. But my overall sneaker cleaner is Crep Protect because the spray you can spill something on your shoes it comes right off.

One sneakerhead at Greenwood, sophomore Jacob Dotson, said his favorite shoes are the Air Force One produced by Nike and the Ultra Boost made by Adidas. He likes expensive shoes such as Yeezy, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen. 

Another sneakerhead, sophomore Jonathan Mitchell, said his overall favorite sneaker was the Air Jordan 1 because you can wear them with anything. He uses Crep Protect for his shoes. He said that his brother Javon Mitchell has a really big collection, including a lot of Jordans, but his newest pickup was the Versace Chain Reactions. He also had some of the new Jordan 11 Breds that just released a few weeks ago.