Greenwood Teens and Modernized Earbuds

By Lauren Zanovich, Reporter

Variations of earbuds and headphones are widely used in this age by teens. Focusing on earbuds specifically, they are a part of modern technology to the generation. Whether it be for educational purposes or entertainment, they are convenient for everyone’s use. However, at Greenwood there has been set limitations for earbud usage.

Due to the frequency and habits students adapt using technology, it interferes with common responsibility sometimes. Teachers believe it can be a safety hazard for when an emergency situation is going on without awareness. Upon that, it is deemed not the most respectful gesture to insert earbuds in while there are lectures or active announcements. Greenwood has struggled with students abusing their earbuds thus teachers have enforced the policy. Although some teachers may be lenient, some prefer that earbuds are used strictly for education.

Students have recently been observed improving although do we just obey to keep the privilege or actually acknowledge the dangers to why it is a rule? Could earbuds can do just as much harm as good for us? High schools similar to Greenwood face these technology adjustments as the earbud sensation stays ongoing.


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