Wildfires Devastate Australia

Australia is already dealing with terrible effects of historic bushfires and huge smoke clouds. Canberra, Melbourne, and other places were hit by golf-ball-sized hail and destroyed everything in their way, even killing birds and shredding leaves off trees.

The hail that hit the capital city of Canberra were two inches in diameter and accompanied by wind gusts that were near hurricane strength, so this hail hit hard. This was so intense that there were a record 1,900 calls for help and that’s more than three times the average storm.






New South Wales, the country’s most populous state, had warned the residents of everything that was going to happen. Flash flood warnings were issued, adding another element to the risk to areas the have been by a hard fire.

There are 14 bushfires still burning in Victoria, mostly at an advanced level. This is threatening lives and homes in Pastoria, but it has been downgraded to a “watch and act” situation early on Monday. The wet conditions could lead to flash flooding in some areas, but the weather bureau says rainfall is unlikely to put out the remaining blazes that are going on.







Australia is getting hit with really bad storms, dust storms, wildfires, and this is just reshaping and changing Australia in such a horrible way that will take years to recover.

New South Wales was hit with a huge dust storm that turned daytime into night in some towns and a gust of 94 km/h wind was recorded at Parkes, while another gust of wind of 107km/h was recorded at Dubbo.

The dust storm is a 186-mile-wide cloud of red dust carried by wind gusts up tp 66 mph. It descended on the drought-striken towns of Dubbo, Broken Hill, Nyngan, and Parkes. Much of the dust is topsoil from the New South Wales state farms.







Floods also hit Australia faster than they thought. Parts of Queensland’s south saw triple the monthly rainfall overnight. No major damages had been reported. Australia was hoping for rain to contain the 75 fires burning in the state, of which 25 are yet to be contained, but these parts have not seen any rain yet.

Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, have all been hit by drought, bushfires, and now getting hit with rain bucketing down on several areas, closing tourist attractions, parks, and even flooding residential areas.