The Apocalypse is Eerily Close to Greenwood

By Maria Dodson, Reporter

Greenwood freshman, Samantha Sapp, recently played the role of Anna, the zombie that begins the infection in the spin-off prequel to AMC’s show “The Walking Dead.”

This is not Samantha’s first time acting.  She has been performing for six years. Her acting career started with her role in the play “Beauty and the Country Beast” when she was eight.  As the years went by, Samantha began to meet directors such as the executive producer of Remnant 13, David Clouchy. Clouchy went to church with her and later watched her perform in different plays.

When looking for someone to play Anna, Clouchy asked Samantha if she would play the part.  Samantha said, “…when I found out about the details I was super excited and I literally skipped around the set on my first day of filming.”

“Remnant 13” is now available on Amazon Prime.  You can see the trailer here.  Samantha appears at 0:45.  Please keep in mind that the trailer does have slight gore, so watch at your own discretion.

If you see Sam in the hall, be sure to congratulate her!  Or save yourself from the apocalypse and run away screaming.