My Top Artists 2018

By Brittany Brown, Student Life Editor

Billie Eilish- Her music genre is alternative-pop music. She is one of my favorite artists because of her style and how relative her lyrics are. They can speak to me and her lyrics talk about stuff that I’m going through. My favorite song by her is Lovely.

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Ed Sheeran- His music genre is contemporary-pop music. He is very different with his ways of performing. Like when he performed at the Grammy’s in 2017. That was sick because he played all the instruments for the song Shape of You by himself. My favorite song for him is Photograph.

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Adele- Her music genre is soul-pop music. She is British and is very bubbly. I love her and her music because she’s not afraid to put out a song because it has a lot of meaning to it. She puts her whole heart into her songs and that’s why she sings them so well! My favorite song of her’s is When We Were Young.

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Ariana Grande- She is a pop music artist. She is one of my favorite artists because of her strength and her beliefs on equality and feminism. She is an icon and is an amazing role model! My favorite song from her would have to be Breathin.

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Demi Lovato- Her music genre is pop. She is an inspiring woman because of her strength and everything that she has been through. I love her spirit and everything that she stands for. My favorite song from her is You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore or Skyscraper.

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