George H.W. Bush Will Be Laid To Rest


By Lacey LaRocco, Reporter

41st president George H.W. Bush died late Friday at 94 years old.  Recently, his casket was transferred from Texas to Washington, D.C., where the former president will be lying in the state U.S Capitol from Monday afternoon until Wednesday. The flags at the U.S. Capitol and White House have been lowered to half staff in George’s honor.

The plane that carries George H.W. Bush landed in Joint Base Andrews after a short flight.

Trump said that he couldn’t wait to pay his respects to the family of George H.W. Bush. Bush will be laid to rest in his socks for a memory of when he had his time as a Naval Aviator. (a officer or a petty officer in the U.S. Navy). George’s dog was beside the casket at the funeral along with the flag across George’s casket. Bush will be given a state funeral at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Bush will be in state through Wednesday, and Trump has planned to attend the funeral as well.

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