Alaska Hit With A 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake

By David Marquez, Reporter

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Alaska recently experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, near Anchorage, a large city near the coast of Alaska.

The city has had no reports of a Tsunami (which are common for earthquakes in Alaska) or any heightened activity that would provoke one.

However, the city is also at risk of liquefaction. This takes place when saturated or partially saturated soil losses strength due to an event like an earthquake, can stop behaving like a solid and start behaving like a liquid.

This liquefaction can destroy roads and tear down buildings, in the area around where the event causing the liquefaction happened.

Coastal regions are more prone to more damage, due to loose soil already.

Alaskan Governor has issued a state of disaster and is trying immediately to get direct contact with emergency responders.  

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