Professor Finds Swastikas Spray-Painted in Office

By Dahlia Muthanna, Reporter

On Wednesday, Elizabeth Midlarsky,77, entered her office in Columbia to find two swastikas and anti-Semitic slur spray painted on the walls.

Elizabeth Midlarsky has written about Holocaust and has been a repeated target of the anti-Semitic slur while working as a professor at the university’s Teacher’s College in Manhattan, where she teaches psychology and education.

The police department are currently working on find who was behind the vandalism of Midlarsky’s office.

Midlarsky said that she was in shock when she stepped into her office that Wednesday afternoon to find the bright red scrawling on the walls. Her office was vandalized in 2007, when a swastikas was spray-painted on the front door of her office and according to the CNN report she was sent an image of a swastika in the mail in 2009.

According to the Police Department statistics, there have been 168 reported incidents like this that have occurred in New York so far this year.