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Greenwood Students Are Starting To Play BitLife

By Ben Smith, Reporter

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BitLife is a new IPhone game that is starting to blow up. It’s a life simulator game that lets you explore a person’s life through different ages.

You start out with a explanation to how you were born and who your parents are. Most of explanations are funny and somewhat inappropriate. One of the explanations can be “I was conceived when a neighbor came to borrow some sugar from my mother”.

In the beginning it also states where you were born and your name. If you don’t like the name you were born with you can start a new life by going to the tabs and pressing new life.

If you decide not to restart your life you can begin playing BitLife, if you look at the very bottom of your screen you can see the different stats you were born with. One is Happiness, one is Health, one is Smarts, and the last one is Looks.

You can also see Assets, which are your Cars and Houses that you can buy. Beside Assets is your Relationships, in the beginning you will only have two, your parents, but later on you will start gaining more relationships.

If you click on the relationship tab you can click on your parents and see their statistics. You can see things like your relationship towards your parents, their religiousness, their generosity, and their wealth.

To really begin playing the game you have to click the green button the very middle, that’s your age button and that lets you get older.

As you begin to age your stats start decreasing or increasing, not a lot happens until you reach age six. At age six you start Elementary school and you can start increasing your smarts by studying harder, you can also drop out of Elementary school but I don’t recommend that.

Throughout the game different things can pop up one of those things being invitations to go to the movies. If you go to the movies nothing really happens but it “supposedly” helps you out with your statistics later in the game.

At 16 you can get your driver’s license, and depending on where you live you graduate at different years. After you graduate you can choose to go to college or get a job. If you go to college you get a selection of higher paid jobs.

You can choose different degrees in college like going into the law field, medical field, pharmaceutical field, or other different fields that will vary your jobs.

Throughout your life different things, you can get sick, you can hookup with people, you can adopt children, get married, have kids, win the lottery, that’s why so many people are playing BitLife because so many different things can happen in the game that make it interesting and fun to play.

When I asked Emir Avdagic his favorite part of BitLife he said, “It’s just the different amount of scenarios that could happen. You could end up poor in one life, rich in the next, and have cancer in the next. Those different scenarios have to be my favorite”

Derek Hahne said his favorite part of BitLife is “It’s really fun to be able to choose decisions, like who you date or marry. If you make poor decisions in the game you’ll get punished just like you would in real life.”

Landon Haynes favorite part of BitLife is the different ways you can die and the different diseases you can be diagnosed with, he says it’s funny.

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Greenwood Students Are Starting To Play BitLife