My Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2018


By Horace Graham, Reporter

  1. Black Panther– I never liked a marvel’s movie so much since the first Avengers. I skipped worked just for this movie and it’s worth getting the write up. I read the comics and watched the cartoons but I never expected a movie since he seems like such a unknown character in the cartoons. The movie was also good to show my race some black pride.
  2. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR– This movie was very unexpected with what happen. I mean it was but wasn’t because people spoiled it for me but I didn’t believe them at first. I like all Marvel’s movies and I’m glad they found a way for all the superheros to be in one movie.
  3.  Ready Player One- This movie is all about gaming which what I do anytime when I’m off work. It basically brings every game to first person view mode to you as if your really in the game. It has a mix of romance, comedy, and drama in it but not bad at all.
  4. Skyscraper- This movie was really good especially since the main character was Dwayne Johnson because all his movies are good to me. The movie was based around a lot of rich people technology but it was still very good with a lot of action. I wish I could rank it higher but honestly it was a late night and I only rented it for a day so I never finished  it. You can blame my play station since they do that dumb 24 hour policy on rents.
  5. The Meg- This movie did not have one scary part which is sad and started off super boring, but I liked it only because its like a funny version of jaws. (plus my ex bought the tickets and I never have denied anything free.)