Another Successful Year For Greenwood at KYA

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Another Successful Year For Greenwood at KYA

Marcello, Patrick, and Raina receive their gavel's.

Marcello, Patrick, and Raina receive their gavel's.

Marcello, Patrick, and Raina receive their gavel's.

Marcello, Patrick, and Raina receive their gavel's.

By David Marquez, Reporter

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KYA this year was highly productive. With three Presiding Officer positions filled out of the seven, to one of our bills passing.

Besides some set backs, we were able to have a successful end to this year’s conference.

At KYA Greenwood was able to take three of the presiding officer positions, Editor-In-Chief, Secretary of State, and Secretary of the Executive Cabinet.

These positions were filled in by Marcello Teixeira, Patrick Haycraft, and Reyna Russell. Marcello being the Editor-In-Chief, Patrick being the Secretary of State, and Reyna the Secretary of the Executive Cabinet.

Sunday was the first day filled with some confusion along with the start of pro/con speeches and questions against the bills brought to KYA. With freshmen/sophomores going to Bluegrass meetings and juniors/seniors to their Commonwealth.

The following bills were brought by Greenwood:

Blue/ BG 625: Act To Recognize ESL As A Second Language In High School Curriculum:
Abby Murphy, David Minotti, Delaney Duncan, and Abby Butts.

Blue BG/ 26: An Act to require all schools in Kentucky have a defibrillator and twenty-five percent of their staff trained on its use: Olivia Lovell, Caitlyn Jeppsen, Tyler Porter, Zoe Baker.

Blue/ BG17- AN ACT to require counseling before accepting federal student loans and would then require annual financial counseling: Chase Baliey and Haley Gordon.

CW 25- An Act Repealing KRS 158.141: Passing grade on civics test required for high school graduation: Ben Scott, Martin Alfaya, Ashley Hamlet, and Eli Lovell.

CW- 26: An act to designate the first weekend in August as tax-free on all school supplies:
Baxter Fee, Cruz McClure, and Gabe Rogers.

CW 27- AN ACT to require each city police department in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to have a special unit dedicated to cyber crime: Maiah Cisco, Teagan Neal, Claire Butler, and Molli Appling.

Education Fair: Everyone runs around listening to the Bill Authors explain their Bill

Everyone rushed out of their room dressed in their professional clothing. Walking down to the main room, to be briefed before going to the state’s capital.

Following the late arrival, due to late buses, and bad directions. The Commonwealth students arrived at the actual capital building and the Bluegrass at a hotel near the capital.

Again the pro/con speeches and questions began, combating or going for the bills, brought by our school and other schools.

With as soon as returning to the hotel we continued to pick at the remaining bills, brought back from the capital.

Looking over some unfortunate events that took play once back to the hotel. That day was mostly a success.

At the end of the day after the final meeting wearing professional attire. Everyone was released to various activities set up around the main hall. Music, lounging around, more music, etc.

Tuesday concluded KYA, as current presiding officers said farewell, and announced the new officers.

Greenwood had three people make the presiding officer position, out of the seven positions available. Editor-In-Chief, Secretary of State, and Secretary of the Executive Cabinet.

Along with the new positions filled, the current Governor, came up and presented his vetoes and amendments to the bills that passed up till now.

Walker Goshorn, Reyna Russell, Marcello Teixeria, Patrick Haycraft (From Left To Right)

The current Governor brought up bills that he had vetoed, stating why and also asking if his veto shall be overruled or stay where it is.

Multiple bills were vetoed, and some were amended by the governor. This amendment allowed the bill to then be signed in.

After the vetoes and amendments the current presiding officers said farwell, and announced the new officers.

“I was originally inspired to run for a KYA officer position, by our current leader, Donald Trump, and others.” says Marcello.

Marcello finds inspiration in the current leaders, and how they can pave a way for him to do better for the world.

All in all this was a successful KYA, earning multiple positions and having a great turnout of people coming to share their opinion on the future of this state.

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