Historic Snowstorm Buries Chicago Area


By Kouta Suzuki, Reporter

One of the worst snowstorms in November just hit the Chicago area; the snowstorm dumped at least 13 inches of snow. The largest November storm on record came in 1895, when 12 inches fell on Nov. 25-26. This years snowstorm has broken the record.

The season’s first winter storm is one of the worst to hit the Chicago area in November, according to the weather service.

  • November 25-26, 1895, 12.0 inches
  • November 20-21 2015, 11.2 inches
  • November 6-7 1951, 9.3 inches
  • November 25-26 1975, 8.9 inches

Winds were blowing at 50 mph, causing whiteout conditions. Power outages are widespread, and travel disruptions continue Monday morning as the city begins to clean up. More than 340,000 homes and businesses are out of power, more than 1,000 flights have been canceled, and hundreds school have also been canceled.

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Roads were affected significantly, with ice and snow mostly covering the major thoroughfares of Interstate 55, I-90/I-94 and I-290. This will make commuting and transportation difficult.