Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Erupts

Guatemala's Fuego Volcano Erupts

Imagine you are with your family, sitting down watching a movie, having an amazing time and then 10 minutes later look out the window and see a bunch of smoke. You will not know what to do and you will get really scared and get worried. So you turn on the news channel and see “Volcano Erupts” and then you will piece everything together.

What’s Going On In Guatemala

Volcanologists reported that the eruption, which sent ash up to 33,000 feet into the sky, happened so fast that people got buried and didn’t even have a change to escape the volcano tragedy.

While Jorge Luis Altuve was looking for a missing person, he had noticed that something was hitting his safety helmet and it was the stones from the volcano because the volcano activity had increased again.

There was so much smoke that it was reported that the bright sky turned into dark at 10 p.m., as soon as the smoke hit the sky.







Fuego is a very active volcano and is located in a heavy rain area which makes everything worse because washing away deposits into mud flows, which carry a lot of rock and debris.