NFL Week 11 Predictions


By Ian Shimizu, Reporter

Saints 40-27 Eagles

While injuries are a big part of it, the Eagles have just looked flat this season. They aren’t anything close to the dominant team they were last year. The Saints are, in my opinion, the best team in the league as of now. The Eagles secondary has been exposed so much this season , and that’s not exactly what you want when you’re going against the most effective receiver of all time, Michael Thomas. The Saints have scored a bonkers 95 points in just the last 2 weeks, and against two good teams. I expect that trend to continue this week.

Colts 23-20 Titans

The Titans have looked refreshed in their two games after their bye, with two dominant wins, one of which included shutting down Tom Brady. But I’m still not sold on their shaky offense, and I think Eric Ebron and Ty Hilton will be able to beat their top defense for a few big plays. It will be close, but I say the Colts pull out an upset at home.

Redskins 18-20 Texans

The Texans have won six straight, and the Redskins are masters at winning boring games. With this being said, I think the Texans win a low scoring game. The Skins are missing some men up front, and a match-up with J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney couldn’t come at a worse time.

Falcons 29-24 Cowboys

Can Dak Prescott keep up with Matt Ryan’s offense? The answer is no. That’s why Zeke Elliott will likely have his hands full all afternoon, against the second-worst rushing defense in the league. Even if Zeke gets more than 150 yards, I still think the Falcons will outlast them.

Panthers 20-22 Lions

This could easily turn into my bonehead pick of the week, but the Panthers are 1-3 on the road this year and obviously just took an abusive loss to the Steelers. I’m still not sold on the Panthers being a top 4 NFC team, and the Lions can be great when they play at their peak.

Buccaneers 30-24 Giants

The Bucs went the length of the field five times last Sunday and scored a grand total of 3 points. How does that even happen? No, I’m not expecting Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw for 2,000 yards in a game, but I think the Bucs have a solid offense and their weak defense will be okay because they are facing a washed up Eli Manning.

Ravens 23-20 Bengals

The one rule when picking NFL games is to never pick Andy Dalton to win an important game. This game is literally both teams’ seasons, so we should get the usual ineffective Red Rifle. Without A.J. Green, Andy Dalton should look even more mediocre than usual.

Steelers 31-21 Jaguars

The Jaguars may be in the midst of an extremely disappointing season, but they still have tons of talent on their team. The Jaguars swept the Steelers in the two games they played last year, but Blake Bortles had a career game in the playoffs and the Jags had 5 interceptions when they played in the regular season. The Jaguars will need one of the two scenarios again to pull off the upset, which given their recent play, seems nearly impossible.

Raiders 16-20 Cardinals

I don’t really want to acknowledge that this game is going to happen, but I’ll go with the Cardinals because they don’t have Jon Gruden.

Chargers 24-23 Broncos

The Chargers are one of the hottest and best teams in the NFL, and Phillip Rivers has been great, and it’s not even December. The Broncos, while 3-5, have been one of the most fiesty teams this year- they don’t get blown out. I’m expecting a close division fight but the Chargers to pull it out for their seventh straight win.

Bears 23-20 Vikings

The Vikings got a boost from Dalvin Cook’s return two weeks ago, and if he can provide balance to their offense, the Vikings could easily turn out to be one of the best teams in the league. If there’s a weak link to the Vikings, it’s their offensive line, which has allowed Kirk Cousins to be sacked 24 times this year. This would be a bigger problem if the Vikings themselves wouldn’t have recorded a league leading 31 sacks this season. Mitchell Trubisky will be on his feet all night, but I’m taking the Bears off pure instinct here.

Rams 34-41 Chiefs

Probably the only reason you clicked this article, I think the Rams-Chiefs will live up to all the hype. As good as the Rams have been this season, their defense has largely under performed and they just lost Cooper Kupp for the season. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense is the best I remember since the 2012 Peyton Manning led Broncos. The Rams lead the league with 8.6 yards gained per pass attempt, and the Chiefs are 31st in first down defense. Aaron Donald will probably limit Kareem Hunt’s production, but when it comes down to it, I’m taking the Chiefs all day.