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SNL’s Inappropriate Joke About Dan Crenshaw

By Ben Smith, Reporter

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Dan Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL who was recently elected to represent the 2nd district of Texas in Congress. Many wouldn’t even know who Crenshaw was if it weren’t for Saturday Night Live and Pete Davidson’s rude comment about his sacrifice for our country.

In 2012, while Crenshaw was serving a tour in Helmond Province, Afghanistan, he was hit by a blast from an IED during a mission. His right eye was destroyed during the blast, causing Crenshaw to wear an eye patch.

During an SNL comedy skit, Pete Davidson, also known for being Ariana Grande’s ex, made a extremely rude comment about Crenshaw. Davidson joked about how Crenshaw looks like “a hit man from a porno movie.”

Davidson also said, “I’m sorry. I know he lost his eye in war or whatever” with a massive smile on his face.

Crenshaw, however, didn’t get offended by this. He said that Navy SEALs don’t get offended and that SNL should gather money together to donate to veteran groups.

In my opinion, I think that Davidson’s jokes went a little overboard and too far. I can understand the difference between someone making a joke and someone being extremely rude and Davidson definitely went on the rude side.

Davidson shouldn’t joke about war veterans and he especially shouldn’t joke about war veterans who have lost something because of war. Davidson took his joke out of hand and he should be punished for that; he mocked a man who has served his life fighting for this country.

Davidson still hasn’t apologized for his jokes towards Crenshaw.

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Ben Smith, Reporter

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SNL’s Inappropriate Joke About Dan Crenshaw