Stop the Language Shaming

Stop the Language Shaming

By Trudy Connors, Reporter

Trying to learn any new language is difficult. English may seem easy to learn compared to others, but that’s not always the case. English can be a very hard language to perfectly learn. The only reason English feels easy to others is because it’s EVERYWHERE. Thanks to it being global since the British Empire and American pop culture spreading it. Since we hear it all time, we pick up words and expressions that is easier to learn. But when it comes to speaking it perfectly, it’s not that easy. It is common when people don’t have English as their native language to mispronounce words. It is something people make fun of, which isn’t okay.

Compared to other languages, English is pretty infuriating. A lot of it is because English is mostly just a bunch of different languages put together. Since the words are borrowed, they have very different pronunciations, making it difficult to know how things are pronounced.  If someone is speaking broken language it is not something to put someone down for. The fact that they are trying to learn a new language is truly great. They are trying to learn another way to communicate. It is impressive that they are putting their work and dedication into learning something like that. Broken English is not a failure and not something you should feel required to work on.

You have a choice on what language you chose to speak. No one should feel obligated to speak English in order to feel “normal.” Many immigrants and travelers try to learn English in order to come to the United States and other First-World English-speaking countries. This feels like a requirement in order to be U.S citizen, when it shouldn’t. We have the right to speak any language we want. If you are legally in the United States then you are a U.S citizen.

We put people into a countless  number of categories. We judge them based on their race, appearance, and culture. It is time to stop this judgement. It is time for us to work together and stop singling people out. Someone should not be judged on the color of their skin or if they can speak a second-language fluently.

English is an ever-growing language that through teaching and learning will develop one word at a time.