The Ocean Cleanup’s Continued Progression in Environmental Cleaning Technology

By David Marquez, Reporter

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For a long while now the ocean and other large bodies of water have been polluted and destroyed ecologically by various actions of littering and pollution.

The ocean has collected mass amounts of trash and chemicals that in some parts can not support life.

Garbage patches like the one that lies in the pacific have huge amount of glass, paper, plastic, etc floating endlessly in the ocean.

The massive patch of garbage was first found in 1950. The patch has since grown to a even larger size since it was found.

Increasing number of people and litter has caused drastic increases in the size of the vortex. The size as of now is about 600,000 square miles, as It sits between Hawaii and California.

Pollution and litter however is not centralized there. All over the globe pollution and litter can be seen in almost every body of water.

Seeing this slowly growing problem, we have attempted to stop from the problem continuing, but we have not been as successful as we could be.

With the fast rise of digital and robotic technology, we are able to make and produce new marvelous products.

These products have helped solve multiple problems, reversing some of our almost permanent changes to the world.

Moreover, many inventions are being created to combat the growing amount of trash and pollution in the Pacific.

The Ocean Cleanup, is a company invested in cleaning up the ocean, allowing our bodies of water to be more safe to us and the ocean wildlife.

The company is using a passive system, using the natural oceanic forces to catch plastic. Both the system used and the plastic are moved by the natural current.

No outside forces besides ocean currents will act on the device that The Ocean Cleanup company has made.

Moreover, since the device is controlled by ocean currents, things like lights, and AIS, will be completely be powered by solar energy.

With the help of AIS (Automatic Identification System) ships ready collect the plastics and other trash are able to find the position of the device and effectively clean it up.

With the help of The Ocean Cleanup and their technology, they clean up and estimated 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch each year.

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