Marching Band Bus Journey to Owensboro

By Mya Johnson, Reporter

Tonight there is a football game in Owensboro at 7:00 p.m.

Go support our Gators! If you’re not able to make the game, I know for sure that the marching band will be there.

Marching band students are suppose to be at Greenwood, in the band room, at 5 o’clock. The bus that will take the marching band is leaving at 5:15. NO LATER!

Since it’s a Friday night, traffic on Scottsville Road will be a hassle. So 5:15 would give enough time to be there for the boys.

If traffic is bad on the way home, you’d be coming back home maybe around 11 p.m. If traffic is not all the bad, then you’d be home sooner.

Mr. Collar and Mr. Finkbine may ask for everyone to help unload the instruments; if your lucky some parents may give a hand.