If You Have Decorations For The December Holidays Put Up, Take Them Down

By David Marquez, Reporter

As your driving or walking down the road you look to your right and left, looking at the trees as they shed their leaves for the Winter. As you continue your journey you see the bright lights of lawn ornaments and in the window a neatly decorated tree.

You think, “Why are people putting up their lawn ornaments and other holiday items, in the dead of November?”

While the holiday season is nice and all, there is another major holiday (For Americans) that comes before December.

December marks the area many  different holidays from different Religions. The most notable being Hanukkah and Christmas.

Certain holidays such as Christmas have become westernized. These holidays have become apart of the American culture, with more and more non-christian people celebrating the holiday.

With the continued influx of people celebrating the holiday, more and more people are buying ornaments and items to go along with the holiday.

These items and ornaments come in many different shapes and sizes. From lawn ornaments that light up in colorful displays and representations of the religion.

More and more people have pushed up when to put up these decorations, with the sudden increased amount of people celebrating the holidays.

As it used to be maybe putting up decorations on December 1st and above. Now it is being pushed to any time past October, and maybe even on November 1st.

Why would you put up decorations for a holiday when its dedicated month hasn’t started, and there is another major holiday right before it?

Putting up decorations for the Holidays before Thanksgiving has not passed, is just wrong.

You wouldn’t put up Halloween decorations in the beginning of September. Most major holidays have months that they are dedicated to, and that month is like the holidays call sign.

Decorations show the holiday to its fullest. Decorations being put around windows and the lawns of people’s houses show their interest, or taking in the holiday.

Back to how certain months are call signs for certain holidays. Lawn ornaments are other decorations would not go with certain months, they only go for one specific month. That the holiday it represents resides in.

You would not a have Christmas decorations up in October, because that’s Halloween’s month. Same with all other months, including November.

In the later days of November comes a relatively large holiday, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a major holiday (For America). As a major holiday, people can generally set up decorations. Most decorations being items mimicking that of the fall and turkeys, which the holiday is weirdly given as main mascot.

Now, Christmas decorations, they are colorful and overall represent more winter than fall.

Since November is represented more as a fall month, and has a more fall holiday, the holidays in it and the month itself is different than December.

November has its own holidays which are nothing like that of December’s. The holidays represent different events entirely as well as being themed differently. November being fall and December being winter.

As one represents fall, winter decorations, items, or ornaments should not be put out or shown during that month. As, November being a fall month, will be weird and confusing.

While, some can say preparation, or its the season for it. Preparation and the season are wrong or thrown out statements.

As stated before Christmas is a winter holiday. Thanksgiving is a fall holiday. When does winter start you say? It starts in December. Meaning any decorations related with Christmas as they are winter decorations should be put up in December, not November.