Mac Miller’s Overdose Is Revealed

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Mac Miller’s Overdose Is Revealed

By Trudy Connors, Reporter

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Mac Miller died September 7, but the cause of it wasn’t revealed until today. People confirmed it was an accidental overdose of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner Coroner ruled in a statement that Mac’s death was accidental and due to drugs. His personal assistant told authorities that Mac struggles with sobriety and often slips.

Some say his death was not accidental due to his breakup with star Ariana Grande. He was depressed due to the breakup and it led him to have a harder struggle with staying sober.

A few weeks after breaking up, he got a DUI and hit his Mercedes G-Wagon into a power pole. I believe Mac had undeserved demons and used drugs as a way to escape reality.

He was spiraling out of control and he couldn’t stop himself. To blame someone for his addiction does not only make no sense but doesn’t help the person take full responsibility to make things right for themselves. Instead, blaming someone else is an excuse to continue doing drugs.

I don’t think Mac blamed Ariana for his addiction; I think some of his fans did. Even after Mac’s death, they blamed Ariana so much that she had to turn off her comments on her Instagram. His death was reported as accidental, not suicide. The fact that this is even the main focus on his death is ridiculous. This is something sad and tragic.

We as fans should take this time to honor his music and what he created for people. We lost a wonderful young artist that many of us grew up with. May his music live on.


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