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The New “Halloween” Movie Review

By Ben Smith, Reporter

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It’s been about 11 days since the new “Halloween” movie was released and the movie has racked up over $76 million in just the first weekend.

The original “Halloween” was released October, 1972. It was directed by John Carpenter, who actually lived in Bowling Green for sometime. In the original movie Michael Myers a 6 year old boy, kills his older sister, Judith, with a knife.

In the movie you can see Michael killing his older sister through a mask and it is soon revealed after he walks out with the bloody knife that he is also wearing a childrens clown costume.

Michael is sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, which is a reference to Smith’s Grove in Bowling Green. After 15 years Michael escapes Smith’s Grove and he returns back to Haddonfield, Illinois, in a car that he stole from a nurse and his old doctor Samuel Loomis (Donald Pleasence).

Michael returns to Haddonfield and kills several teens to try and get to Laurie Strode. In the second film we find out that Michael is related to Laurie somehow but this isn’t very relevant in the newest “Halloween”.

After killing all of Laurie’s friends, Michael comes after Laurie while she is babysitting two kids. Michael is unable to get a hold of Laurie and eventually Samuel Loomis, shoots Michael several times in the chest knocking him out of a window.

In the second film Laurie is sent to a hospital. Where Michael tries again to kill her, after killing many patients and nurses for unknown reasons Michael finally finds Laurie and tries to kill her but is unsuccessful. He once again fights Dr. Loomis and finally gets arrested.

In this most recent film. The 11th one in the series it goes back to the plot of the first and second film and continues off of Michael being arrested and sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium again.

In this movie we can see that Michael is much older. In a scene where two journalist try provoking him with his mask but he doesn’t budge. We can see though that Michael’s skin is a lot more wrinkly and that his facial hair and hair is turning white and grey.

After the journalist try provoking Michael. He gets transferred to another prison through a prison bus but the bus crashes and everyone escapes. Police catch all of the patients except for Michael. He steals a truck and shows up to a gas station where the two journalist are. He struggles killing the male journalist but eventually kills him and the other female journalist.

Michael goes on a rampage killing everyone he sees trying to get to Laurie just like in the first film. He kills a total of 17 people in two days, his last kill is the husband of Laurie’s daughter.

Laurie, Karen (Laurie’s daughter), and Allyson (Karen’s daughter, Laurie’s granddaughter), eventually end up trapping Michael in the basement of their old home. They set up a trap where whenever Michael goes down there they pull a lever and spikes trap him down there. They light the basement on fire and escape through a mans truck.

The new Halloween movie was one of the best Halloween movies in the series but it still has some cons to it.

One of the main cons in the movie is that it’s kind of repetitive. There are many scenes in the new movie that are very identical to scenes in the original “Halloween”.

One scene for example is Michael Myers walking in someone’s yard heading towards a shed to grab a hammer. In the original Halloween there is a scene almost identical to him grabbing a hammer from a shed.

Another scene that is identical is a scene where Laurie falls out of a window. In the new film instead of Michael falling out of the window like in the original “Halloween”, Laurie falls out instead and then goes back in the house to hide.

These repetitive scenes kind of take out the juice of the movie in my opinion. It gives a flashback to the original movies and that’s good for one scene but after two it feels like the director couldn’t come up with any original ideas so he decided to steal from the original movie.

Another con that I found in the movie was the amount of people Michael killed. In the first 30 minutes of the movie it feels like we’re watching a bad netflix movie that uses gore to try and attract people to watch it. This feeling never really stops throughout the movie. The only part where people weren’t dying left and right was the last 30 minutes of the movie when the three generations of girls are fighting Michael.

The last con in my opinion is the teenagers in the movie. We get introduced to Cameron (Dylan Arnold), Allyson (Andi Matichak), Dave (Miles Robbins), Vicky (Virginia Gardner), and Oscar (Drew Scheid). Each one of these teens get killed off just like in the first film except for Allyson who is Laurie’s granddaughter. We don’t really get a connection or make any bonds with these teens so when they die we don’t really care. It feels like they just added these people so that they could get killed off.

There are gaping plot holes and characters make idiotic decisions, but watching three generations of women take on Myers-with some great callbacks to the original-is irresistibly satisfying.”

— Andrea Thompson

There are lots of cons in the movie but I feel like the pros kind of pull it back on track.

One of my favorite things about the movie is definitely the soundtrack. We get a modified version of the original song by John Carpenter and in my opinion it’s even scarier and it goes along with the scenes very well. It brings more nostalgia to the movie than repetitiveness.

Another one of my favorite things is that they brought back Laurie Strode. In the movie we see how much Laurie has aged and how she’s lived her whole life in fear of Michael returning and preparing for his return. We also see how Laurie’s fear for him returning has affected her daughter in growing up.

We see that she has an arsenal full of shotguns and different weapons and we also see that in Laurie’s backyard she has set up mannequins and targets to practice for Michael returning. In Laurie’s house we see different kinds of traps so that she can trap him. In a scene near the end Laurie is upstairs and presses a button after searching for Michael in every room. Once she presses these buttons large metal bars drop down from up top to stop Michael from escaping.

Image result for the new halloween

A scene from the new “Halloween” where Michael is hiding in the closet waiting for the babysitter to open it.

My last pro to this movie is the ending of it. I think that the ending was very good even though many people disagree with me. In the end Michael gets trapped in the bottom of Laurie’s home. Laurie, Allyson, and Karen the three generations that have been tortured by Michael’s existence put an end to it and light the home on fire to kill Michael.

We think that Michael dies in the fire because we never seen him escape the house but at the very end after all the credits we here Michael’s breathing, telling us that there is going to be another Halloween movie and that Michael is still alive.

I interviewed Bryson Chastain, a student who has seen the new Halloween movie and he said this when I asked how he liked it, “The movie never leaves you calm because of the thought that any moment he could kill them. This movie is the best out of the franchise and I recommend seeing it.”

Here is the trailer of the new “Halloween” in case you’re interested in watching it. Overall I rate this movie a A. It had many cons but those cons were watered down with the pros.

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The New “Halloween” Movie Review