‘Halloween Prank’ on the Band Room

By Mya Johnson, Reporter

On Wednesday, everything was just a normal day in the band room as students arrived for SWAMP. People going to their instrument locker or chatting with a friend.

Since it was SWAMP time, most of the class was focused on their phones. Mr. Collar informed everyone to gather their instruments and get ready for the class. About 85% of the students were ready to begin.

Then, events befitting Halloween started to happen. An intruder, a mouse, comes running from out of Mr. Collar’s office, running to the far right of the room. The whole class was fixated on the little guy, and didn’t notice that the room our little friend came out of was starting to flood, aka Collar’s office.

Everyone turned to hear the heavy furniture that Collar was now moving, to get it away from the rush of water flowing out of the ceiling. Collar’s office was drenched in every corner.

Mya Johnson

Water was starting to be pushed out into the main room, making its way down the walkway and into the auditorium. The neighboring room to Collar’s office; which is filled with the strings instruments, its ceiling then too collapsed.

Rushing to get the wooden instruments, Principal Hatcher and a few more faculty arrived to help with the unfortunate event. No instruments were damaged in the water, but to the looks of it, Mr. Collar’s room may need a makeover.

No one has an answer as the cause of this event. Some are guessing that it must of been one of the pipes for the air conditioning system that could have busted.

What a great way to start off Halloween. Maybe the little mouse wanted to make a good ol’ Halloween prank…

Mya Johnson