Greenwood Teachers Participate in a Faculty Halloween Competition

By Lily Vo, Reporter

During this week from Oct.29 to Nov.2nd, Greenwood teachers plan to show their the ultimate Halloween spirit. In order to do so, they are creating certain competitions for every day of the week.

Every teacher is involved, from each department to compete against each other in teams. They will judge to see how well they outdo the other departments in each contest.

For instance, on Monday, it was PJ day and many teachers showed up in their pjs to school. Tuesday will be ‘decorate your class door’ day where the teachers are tested to see who can have the spookiest-looking door.

Then on Wednesday the 31st (Halloween) every teacher will dress up in a Halloween costume and show off their look.

The team results are…

  • English in 1st place
  • Social Studies in 2nd place
  • AG/Business/FCS in 3rd place

Individual results are…

  • 1st Mr. Lowe
  • 2nd Mr. Stinson
  • 3rd Mrs. Murphy

Thursday will be pumpkin carving day to see which teams came up with a cool pumpkin-carved design.

Lastly, the teachers will be ending it off with a ‘who can make the best chili’ day on Friday.

Overall, it’s really nice to see that the teachers are in a festive mood for the holiday, hope to see more of it later on!