The Differences That I Have Noticed Within The Two Cultures That I Live In

By Kouta Suzuki, Reporter

When I am at school I feel like I’m part of the American culture, but when I get home I feel like I’m part of the Japanese culture. Believe it or not the American culture and the Japanese culture is very different. There are also a few similarities between the two cultures.

A major difference between the American and Japanese culture is the school system. In order to go to high school in Japan you have to take a test similar to the ACT. Based on the test score you receive will determine if you can go to high school. Also, schools in Japan have a lot of homework each night. When I went to school in Japan I remember studying at least three hours each night. I think that the education system in Japan is much more strict than here in America.

In Japan you need shoes that are for school only. The reason is because the Japanese culture is very mindful of how clean their environment is. But here in America you can wear whatever kind of shoes you like. American schools have more freedom than Japanese schools.

Another difference I have noticed between the American and Japanese culture is formality. When I’m at Greenwood High School some people are very rude to each other. On the other hand, in Japan everyone is almost too polite. Almost every person you meet in Japan will bow to you when you meet them. The bow shows you the respect they have for you.

A similarity between the American and Japanese culture is both cultures embrace communication. Most people in America are really friendly regardless of if they know you or not. For example, when you are at a store some people just like starting a conversation with you. People in Japan also like starting conversations with you.