Stricter Gun Laws Would Prevent More Mass Shootings


By Lacey LaRocco, Reporter

All the facts in this article were pulled from studies from 2017.

There have been a lot of shootings lately, more specifically mass shootings. More mass shootings occurred in 2017 than so far this year. All over the world there are going to be shootings at many places. In the United States there have been 279 mass shootings in total. In 2017 there was a mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas at a concert (October 1, 2017). In 2017 during the Las Vegas shooting 59 people died and there were 851 (422 by gunfire) non-fatal injuries during the shooting. This gives an example of how important mass shootings and shootings in general can be atrocious. 

The public mass shootings have been 155 shootings. The tally that accounted the mass shootings have been 1,107 since August 1 1966. In my opinion the number of mass shootings have tallied up since the 1900’s and made a big impact on people’s daily lives. It could, in fact, be one of the most terrifying things happening, and to me it seems that these type of things need to be changed because it causes many people trouble and even death.

Now these things about mass shootings should be stopped in my opinion. Mostly teens and children were killed and the amount that was killed was 185. The total of guns used was 299. 168 of these mass shooters were obtained illegally. It’s unclear how 79 weapons were acquired.

In my opinion, guns are a deadly tool to hurt anyone of course, but we also need them for police and things like that. It would be easier for the government or an amendment for the people that are certified and know how to use a gun and actually know the importance involving the mass shootings situation. 159 shooters, some of these mass shooters were known to have violent tendencies or criminal pasts. Once the shooters would commit the murder they would kill themselves to hide that they did it because they didn’t want to be the ones going to prison for the rest of their lives because killing someone can mess up someone’s life or even get killed themselves so they just go ahead and commit suicide. The reason why these things about mass shootings are really important is because of gun control. Gun control in my opinion is not something easily dealt with.

In this case mass shootings in my own perspective are in general bad enough as it is. All around the world, people have been affected by mass shootings. Throughout 2017 and 2018, there have been too many deaths caused by guns in the wrong hands. In the U.S. alone, there have been a total of 279 mass shootings, 155 of these being public. Over all, mass shootings and gun control are a big part of our nation and keeping everyone safe from harm. In order to makes this possible I believe we can get a more stricter law about guns in specific. I’m saying that people in the mental state or younger people like myself would be restricted from using guns. Guns can be used properly for those who are responsible, such as the police.  Mass Shootings