Environmental Product Helping With New Types of Packaging

By David Marquez, Reporter

Plastic and other materials have found their way to landfills for forever. It’s become a common thought to recycle plastic and other materials that don’t easily decompose.

Shipping companies may have to recycle cardboard boxes, but sometimes there are plastic or styrofoam pieces that find themselves in the boxes.

They find their way into landfills and not the recycling center. Maybe going to a center but still these non-paper parts are found in landfills.

Products like bubble wrap are finding their way into the fills. The wrap is almost always used in a package as another protective part to keep the item inside safe.

As we continue opening up more opportunities for avoiding the waste and misplacement of plastic and other products, they seem to not work, or people no longer pay attention to them.

With each new product/service created most are ignored or noted, but cast away.

More and more companies have been attempting to find different ways in which to create a good packaging but it won’t hurt the environment.

Any new breakthrough may be the next best thing, but most likely it is expensive and out of reach of the most common companies or customers.

TemperPack, a company focused on bettering packing to be clean and good for the environment has attempted to help in creating and entirely compostable packing material.

TemperPack, has created and entirely paper, or cardboard packaging. This packaging allows a trustworthy form of keeping the customers product in shape. While it also is able to completely decompose.

The product takes bubble wrap out of the picture, allowing its own paper product to sustain the product inside the box.

The company has been growing rapidly since its founding in 2015. The company is not only focusing on making a environment friendly packaging. TemperPack is also working on doing other things to sustain our environment.

TemperPacks product can come in a box like form or a bag like form. The puffy outside and inside of the pack creates a snug and safe place for a customer/consumers product.

They have also attempted to install the clean environment friendly product to food storage and transportation as well.

Creating perish proof boxes and containers out of environment friendly material.

While it is mainly seen as only creating box packaging, TemperPack has worked on other environment friendly alternatives as well. Helping stop the filling of landfills with plastic and other hazardous products.