‘From the Depths’ Unleashes Your Imagination

By Camden Schrader, Reporter

“From the Depths” is a video game where you build ships, aircraft, and other sorts of vehicles from your design to conquer the world.  Use your imagination to build whatever you like, maybe a large airship that rains death from above or a sneaky submarine that stalks its targets from below.

First accessible on January first, 2014 it’s a fairly old game; however, it is still in early access for whatever reason and gets regular updates that improve the game every time.

“From the Depths” has a builder mode that you can make anything without limitations. In this mode, it’s best you don’t let normal looks of crafts in real life obstruct your imagination.  This is because “From the Depths” has many pieces and parts you can build and mess with that would be hard to work with in the real world, but easy here.

Your first few crafts will most likely won’t be up to par with the other ships as you are a new player who doesn’t know much about building. Your craft can have many different accessories, features, and weapons. After you build something you’re happy with, you can save the blueprint to either spawn in another time in the builder mode or you can make it in the campaigns.

“From the Depths” has four different campaigns. One, the Quest for Neter, is the first and longest campaign.  You face nine other factions in a constant struggle for control of the world, or Neter as it’s called in the game. You start in your own corner of the map with a less than average fortress and a shabby little boat that can barely fight.

Using a thing called a constructor and repair tentacles, you can build ships you have created before. You will have a brand new ship at your disposal.  These ships cost resources, which you get from using collectors that are already attached to your fortress in a resource ring. Resource rings are located in various locations around the map.

After a certain amount of time spent in the campaign, other AI-operated factions will become aware of your existence and the closest to you, The Deep Water Guard, become hostile toward you.  To eliminate a faction, you must destroy their main fortress.  You are also eliminated if your main fortress is destroyed.  You can become allies with other factions by gifting them resources or attacking another faction they dislike.

Attacking factions will always have an effect of what other factions will think of you so pick your enemies carefully and plan ahead.  Some factions have a theme in their crafts, such as the Gray Talons who only have air-based craft, and the Onyx Watch who always have gigantic cannons.

From the Depths is $14.99 on Steam if you are interested in the game.  I hope you enjoy the vast, chaotic world of “From the Depths.”