Greenwood Students Growing Up Bilingual


By Kouta Suzuki, Reporter

What is it like growing up being able to speak two languages? Is it hard to balance the two languages? Is it hard or is it easy to be bilingual?

Speaking two languages rather than just one has obvious benefits in an increasing globalized world. Bilingualism opens up more opportunities for you, whether it’s at school, at a job, etc. From personal experience, I would say that it’s really hard to balance the two languages; sometimes you will start speaking the two languages at the same time.

Kevin Medina who is a freshmen and speaks Spanish said,”the hardest part about being bilingual is you get the two languages mixed up.” Later he stated, “but I feel more comfortable speaking English just because I speak it everyday.” Spanish is Medinas’ first language.

Chri Paw who is also a freshmen said,”It was hard to learn my second language which is English.” Paws’ first language is Karenny, but she now feels more comfortable speaking English than speaking Karenny.

Based on two students I interviewed, is it safe to say that it’s a struggle to be bilingual? Being able to speak two languages takes a lot of effort and dedication. But you will always feel that one language is better for you than the other language.