The Simple Process of Candle Making

By Josie Huffman, Reporter

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Candles are part of a person’s everyday life. They make the area around you smell nice and fresh, therefore, improving your mood. The following is a list of 14 steps how to make a candle:

  1. Measure out an amount of wax into a cup in grams.
  2. Divide the weight of the amount by three. That’s how many grams of your scent that you need. You can use essential oils that aren’t flammable as your source of scent for the candle.
  3. Pick out a container to put your candle in.
  4. Take a wick and cut it so that it’s a little bit taller than the container you chose.
  5. Thread the wick through a metal wick sustainer tab and pinch it closed so that the wick stays in place.
  6. Hot glue the tab in the bottom center of your chosen container.
  7. Tie two Popsicle sticks together with a rubber band and separate the two of them, put the wick in between, and close them so that the two sticks are holding the wick up straight.
  8. Melt the wax by boiling water. Then placing a metal container with the wax in it inside the boiling water. This allows the wax to melt without applying direct heat to it.
  9. Pour the essential oil you chose into the melted wax and stir.
  10. Pour the scented wax into the container that your wick is in.
  11. Let the wax dry.
  12. Take the Popsicle sticks off of the wick.
  13. Cut the wick so it is about ³/8 of an inch above the surface of the candle.
  14. Light and enjoy your perfect homemade candle!