Greenwood Volleyball Trounces South Warren

By Kayleigh Cook, Reporter

On Thursday, October 18, Greenwood volleyball challenged South Warren High School in Franklin-Simpson, Kentucky to determine the region four tournament winner.

After having an incredibly strong season (35-5), it was no surprise when the Lady Gators were able to sweep South Warren in a 3-0 (28-26, 25-21, 25-11) win.

“Everyone was excited to win the tournament,” freshman Megan Gore told me, “We were all jumping up and down out of excitement, even the parents were freaking out. It was funny because it got silent after a while and then we found out soccer (Greenwood girls) was going to state too, then everyone was yelling again.”

The Lady Gator soccer team won the region four tournament on the same night as volleyball, causing for a celebration the following day at school.