Grimm Brothers make stories Grimmer


By Camden Schrader and Deven Dean

The Grimm Brothers were two German academics who collected many folk tales and lore and published them around the 1800s. They popularized stories such as Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, and Snow White.  They were known as some of the most known folk tale collectors.

Grimm stories are fairy tales that have some differences that make the stories dark.  Many fairy tales have one or more antagonists that does not get punished for their actions; however, in many Grimm stories, they get what they deserve.  One example of these changes is the story of “Cinderella.”

In the original story, Cinderella’s step siblings and stepmom mistreat Cinderella, who does many things for them.  Then when the King and Queen have a ball, the stepmom refuses to let her go while her step sisters mock her.  She wishes to go and a fairy grants her wish with a beautiful dress and chariot that only last until midnight. The Prince fell in love with her but when Cinderella had to leave she left her slipper behind.  The Prince searched far and wide for her and finally he came to her house but Cinderella’s step mother tries to act like Cinderella doesn’t exist.  When she tries the slipper on, however, the Price realizes she the one and goes to get married.

The Grimm story of Cinderella is different.  The Grimm Cinderella story starts before the original one does, when Cinderella’s mom dies.  Cinderella’s father is still alive in this story as well.  Cinderella went to her mothers grave every day.  Her father remarried to her step mother who brought two step sisters, who are still as cruel as in the original.  The Grimm story goes much farther into detail how twisted Cinderella’s sisters were.

Cinderella planted a tree on her mothers grave and took care of it every day. When it grew enough, a bird landed on the tree and granted one wish every day.

When the king throws a ball, Cinderella’s step mother says she cannot go because she doesn’t have nice clothes. Cinderella wishes from the bird nice clothes so she can go. The story continues like the original until the prince is trying to find who he danced with.  Cinderella’s step sisters, at their mother’s request, cut their feet to fit the shoe but the prince noticed the blood.  He asked Cinderella’s father if there was anyone else. He responded with,” No, only my dead wife left behind her little stunted Cinderella; it is impossible that she can be the bride.”  The prince tried anyway and found that Cinderella was the bride.

The sisters attended their wedding,  hoping to take part in the festivities.  The bird that granted Cinderella picked their eyes out to pay for their deeds.

Grimm stories have many dark turns that differ from the original story that make the story more interesting.  If anyone would like to read more, just type this link in your web address and you will find a list of different stories they published.