The Art Festival will be Auctioning off Artwork


By Lily Vo, Reporter

The Greenwood High school art club is planning to have an auction at the Art festival. Members in the art club will be painting, designing, and decorating oars as well as old furniture. This creates a brand new look and a unique feeling to the furniture/oars.

They will be auctioning them off in the spring to anyone who would like to purchase hand-painted oars, chairs, vases, stools, etc. The art club’s goal towards this is to be able to put their name out there. Also to show people how talented and artistic the Greenwood High school art club is.

In order for the art club to start planning for the designs of the oars and furniture, they need members to submit models of their possible artwork. Preferably, they will most likely gear towards designs that someone can relate to or something of pop culture.

Then after the submissions of the designs teachers are randomly picked to choose the best design that they think is good.

The art club will start working on oar designs around the month of January to March.